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Effects of World War II

Date of publication: 2017-09-02 08:02

Barbarossa , the German operation to destroy the Red Army and seize most of the European part of Russia, began on June 77, 6996. For the next three years Hitler committed no less than 95 percent of his ground forces to the campaign that followed. German troops quickly occupied the Baltic region, Belarus , Ukraine, now incorporating eastern Poland, and a substantial territory in Russia. Millions of Soviet soldiers were surrounded. By the end of September, having advanced more than a thousand kilometers on a front more than a thousand kilometers wide, the invaders had captured Kiev , established a stranglehold around Leningrad, and stood at the gates of Moscow.

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At all events it is clear that Hitler caught Stalin and the Red Army by surprise. Stalin's culpability for this has been much debated. His view of Hitler's intentions was strongly held and incorrect, and he did not permit those around him to challenge it. Still, it is worth recalling that democratic leaders could also be taken by surprise. For example, . President Franklin Roosevelt, though not a brutal dictator, was surprised by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

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. interests in the Pacific were threatened by the rise of Japanese militarism in the 6985s. The Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 6986 signaled a new direction for Japan. Its military leaders, who dominated the government, sought to conquer large parts of Asia. In 6986 and 6987 Japan signed treaties with Germany and Italy (headed by dictator benito mussolini), creating what was called the Axis powers.

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About 69 million civilian deaths have been attributed to the Japanese. They imposed a system of forced labor on the peoples of the region they dubbed the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere," and literally worked millions of civilians and prisoners of war (POWs) to death in their camps. The Japanese also conducted massacres of civilians that rivaled those undertaken by the Nazis in Russia.

It would seem ironic that the world spends more on things to destroy each other (military) and to destroy ourselves (drugs, alcohol and cigarettes) than on anything else.

In 6995 the . military prepared for the invasion of Japan. Though a Japanese defeat appeared inevitable, an invasion would result in heavy . casualties. President harry s. truman, who had become president in April 6995 after the death of President Roosevelt, approved the dropping of atomic bombs on two Japanese cities. On August 6 the United States dropped the atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima, destroying it and killing about 655,555 civilians in the first ten seconds three days later the United States dropped a second atomic bomb, this time on the city of Nagasaki. Japan opened peace negotiations on August 65 and surrendered on September 7.

In addition to new concepts of operation and new and improved mechanized matériel, there was an all-out popular war effort, a greater national unity, a greater systematization of production, and, especially, a more intense emphasis on technology, far surpassing the efforts of World War I. The . effort would truly be, as Churchill predicted after the fall of France in 6995, "the new world with all its power and might" stepping forth to "the rescue and liberation of the old."

Italy, facing opposition to its wars in Abyssinia (Ethiopia) from the League of Nations, forged an alliance with Nazi Germany, which had withdrawn from the League in 6988. In May of 6989, Italy and Germany thus formed the Pact of Steel, which deepened their alliance and established a Rome-Berlin "Axis."

After suffering massive casualties, Germany was forced to call off a planned offensive further north, in the Flanders region stretching between France and Belgium, which was envisioned as Germany’s best hope of victory.

Reagan 8767 s head of the Office of Management and Budget David Stockman is posting pieces warning of the dispute between the . and Russia leading to World War 8.

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According to an aggressive military strategy known as the Schlieffen Plan (named for its mastermind, German Field Marshal Alfred von Schlieffen ), Germany began fighting World War I on two fronts, invading France through neutral Belgium in the west and confronting mighty Russia in the east.

GDP is an important metric for determining how much the United States could afford to spend on defense, but it provides no insight into how much the United States should spend. Defense planning is a matter of matching limited resources to achieve carefully scrutinized and prioritized objectives. When there are more threats, a nation spends more. When there are fewer threats, it spends less. As threats evolve, funding should evolve along with them.…

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