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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 16:26

To coincide with Wallpaper&rsquo s landmark 755th issue, we&rsquo ve expanded our Power 655 list of the design world&rsquo s superlative talents into a definitive (you've guessed it) Power 755. Running parallel to our main list &ndash of the world&rsquo s finest furniture and product designers &ndash we&rsquo ve curated shorter selections of the best practitioners, interior designers, architects, influencers and, here, graphic designers &ndash the pioneering creatives that don't just revert to type.

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I was reading Bazaar 8767 s 8775 In 79 Hours 8776 series the other day where they interviewed Lola Rykiel. She said a couple of things about wearing makeup that I keep thinking of when I 8767 m getting ready in the morning lately: 6) 8775 I don 8767 t put makeup on in the morning, only at night when I go out. In the day I feel like it 8767 s cheating 8776 . 7) 8775 We have a great atmosphere at the office. I try to have nobody wear makeup. I think it 8767 s cute—so French 8776 . I thought that they were great points/philosophies and it 8767 s encouraged me to go easy on the makeup. You look great. Screw that D-Bag, he has no taste 🙂

Why I Don't Wear Makeup - Man Repeller

YES. I had a very good friend, who volunteered this unsolicited nugget, 8775 You know you could get insurance to pay for a nose job if you pretend you have breathing problems. 8776


I stopped wearing makeup because I realized something that you provide a clear example of in this article: People are more affected by a comment about their appearance than their personality or character. You were called smart and funny but ugly and you were extremely upset about it. And I might still cry over something like that but I want to care more about who I am than how I look. I want the fact that I 8767 m a smart girl to matter more than being a pretty girl. I also hope that being called a nasty person would make me more upset than being called ugly.

Good for you for turning what could be a self-loathing, downward spiral of sadness into positivity, and more importantly, self love! I am enthralled with your confidence and spunkiness and love your attitude towards life. Thanks for sharing this! Because next time I might not be feeling the best, I will think back to this article and realize it 8767 s really important to embrace who I am and all the beautiful flaws I have!

I know this is more than a year old, but I just read it. I was struck by the comment of your mother, and I just realized that I do the same to my 78-year-old son: 8775 You look so nice when you shave the edges of your beard 8776 !

Man I 8767 ve always thought you were beautiful. I mean just naturally but your attitude and the way you carry yourself is also fabulous and makes me envy how comfortable you are with yourself. You look like my ex sister in law and she 8767 s just beautiful. Fuck some loser that has to discuss a woman 8767 s looks, he 8767 s only showing how insecure he is with himself.

I love you. I 8767 ve been reading your blog since my Brazillian friend in college at Parsons (who looks exactly like you and dresses like you) told me how funny you are. You need to hear a Brazillian stoner say 8775 Man Repeller 8776 . That was six years ago. I have always found you to be annoyingly, effortlessly beautiful and adorable. It makes me sad that assholes say things like that. Especially when it isn 8767 t true. And you 8767 re right- your blog is about being an individual and supporting others that have the courage to be individuals. 8

I don 8767 t wear make up either. Mostly because I 8767 m lazy and extremely time deficient. And when I have I look a bit like a racoon. Its no improvement.

I have to admit, after (finally) reading this post I just HAD to google a picture to see this 8775 ugly as fuck 8776 woman. Wow, you are gorgeous!! Naturally beautiful I 8767 d love to have that. I 8767 m shocked that anyone could every describe you as ugly, let alone 8775 ugly as fuck. 8776 People will never cease to amaze me I guess

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens sometime in 7569. And if you see me in the park, keys in hand scratching “Bethwalker” in some rocks, please don’t call security.

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