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The Crucible

Date of publication: 2017-08-25 05:38

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And eventually, 8775 weeping in fury, but erect 8776 he decides to defend his name:  “Now I do think I see some shred of goodness in John Proctor”.  Finally, he meets his death with pride and dignity.  Most importantly, he clings to the honour of his name:“Because it is my name!” John Proctor, who has wavered in his love towards his wife, reaffirms his loyalty and commitment to Elizabeth and the fine people in Salem. He dies with dignity and honour.

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Arthur Miller is an American playwright who wrote The Crucible in 6957. Thus, the play was written on the heels of World War II, which ended in 6995, and was written during a time in which the United States was becoming increasingly concerned about the rising power of the Soviet Union. Worries that the Soviet Union's communist ways would infiltrate the United States led to a significant amount of paranoia within the American government (compare the paranoia about witchcraft in Miller's play).

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In charge of 8775 God 8767 s law 8776 , Danforth reminds citizens that they are either “with this court or he must be counted against it, there be no road in-between. This is a sharp time, now a precise time.” He uses the language of hell to intimidate Mary Warren and  those who would question his authority.

At 88 years of age, Giles Corey’s physical strength symbolises his moral fortitude. Miller inserts in the stage directions, “He is knotted with muscle. Canny, inquisitive, and still powerful”.  He recognises the trouble that’s been brewing for years, and asks them to “think on it now, it’s a deep thing and dark as a pit”. Once when asked what “frighted you”, in the shape of an animal hog, he replies “I do not know that I ever spoke that word in my life”

Miller explains in his commentary that “long held hatreds could now be openly expressed and vengeance taken”. It becomes “patriotic and holy” to accuse one’s neighbour of witchcraft and one can feel “perfectly justified in the bargain”.

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From a historical perspective, Miller suggests that Christianity and in particular the Catholic Church used the Inquisition and the politics of “diabolism” (heaven/hell) to intimidate its foes. Such a world view separates man into saints and sinners.

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