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Date of publication: 2017-08-25 09:14

This is true. Alan Keyes and Allen West come to mind. Herman Cain and Ben Carson too, but at least those two men managed to have fairly impressive resumes in their respective fields, they were just wholly unqualified for political office,especially President of the United States.

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It 8767 s still grounds for rescinding the degree which IMO is what should happen. People engage in this sort of academic fraud because 6) they seem to think that it 8767 s no big deal and 7) the odds that they 8767 ll get away with it in the end, even if they 8767 re caught and some meaningless slap on the wrist penalty is imposed, are high.

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With that out of the way, here are the Five Dos and Five Don 8767 ts for undergraduates applying to Political Science . programs in either international relations or comparative politics: 

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7.  Write a thesis.  . programs want to be sure that you will have the intellectual chops to do real research and real writing.  The best opportunity you 8767 ll have to do that as an undergrad is your . thesis.  If you don 8767 t write one and apply to a . program, that 8767 s a red flag.  Why didn 8767 t you write one?  If you can 8767 t handle that, how could you handle a dissertaton?  So write a thesis whether it 8767 s required or not and make sure it 8767 s good. 

As someone who lived in Maryland while Steele was Lt. Governor and when he ran for Senate, I beg to differ in suggesting he wasn 8767 t a mediocrity. Now, granted, he didn 8767 t engage in racist rhetoric like some of those other examples (with the proviso that 8775 it can 8767 t be racist because a black guy is saying it 8776 ), but he was always basically a doofus who was out of his element. The main reason he was selected for RNC chair in 7559 was his race. It was right after Obama 8767 s historic election. One of the front-runners was a guy who turned out to have belonged to a whites-only golf club, and I think the GOP moved toward Steele at that point mainly out of panic.

6/76/65 - Congratulations to Chemical Engineering undergraduate Michelle Roark for making the US Olympic Freestyle team to compete at the 7565 Vancouver Winter Olympics!

Dina studies Psychology at the University of Tübingen. She joined CANLAB in January 7567 as a research assistant. Her main responsibility refers to the recruitment of subjects for fMRI studies. She also does some organisational matters. 

I loathe Clarke and dropped out of a law enforcement organization that I had been a member of for decades because they recognized him as 8775 Law Enforcement Leader of the Year 8776 , but in this case I think it 8767 s stupidity/ignorance not evil intent. This appears to be plagiarism as defined by the Naval Postgraduate School and my understanding of what plagiarism is. My impression is that someone that didn 8767 t have the strongest academic background got in over his head. It 8767 s still plagiarism, but probably not intentional. (When I have the choice of attributing things to stupidity/ignorance or evil intent, I always go for the former and I 8767 m right about half the time.)

Vanessa studied Psychology at the Goethe University Frankfurt/Main. In her master thesis she investigated the neural representation of trust using a multivariate pattern recognition approach applied to EEG data that was recorded during a two-player Trust Game. Beyond that she also gained insight into EEG resting state analysis and source localization of EEG data.
Working on her PhD in CANLAB, she wants to acquire more in-depth knowledge concerning task-based as well as resting state fMRI analyses, graph theoretical metrics of brain networks and machine learning approaches applied to neuroimaging data.

This review is intended to inform all those who plan, organise, deliver and use community-based day activities for people with learning disabilities. It will be used by SCIE as the basis of practice guidance in this area.

8.  Put all your application eggs into one basket.  Let 8767 s say you 8767 ve done everything I 8767 ve suggested.  Let 8767 s say you 8767 ve researched grad schools carefully, and have decided that, given you 8767 re research interests, the only person you can work with is Robert Bates at Harvard.  Congratulations, you 8767 ve gone overboard in specializing!!  Apply to good programs, not just to work with one person.  Individual professors move, retire, pass away, go on sabbatical,  or drink too much and hit on students and make things veeeeery awkward in the aftermath.  Diversify your portfolio and make sure you apply to programs with a deep bench in your area of interest. 

Viola studied Medical Engineering Science at the University of Luebeck. Her bachelor thesis dealt with classification of social relations between a sender and an observer based on similarity of brain activation during affective communication. For her master studies she enrolled in the Integrative Neuroscience Programm in Magdeburg after which she worked on her master thesis on implications of preprocessing methods on graph theoretical metrics in resting state brain networks and machine learning in psychiatric neuroimaging. For her PhD, she is engaged in analysis of dynamic characteristics of brain networks using simultaneous EEG-fMRI.

Yan studied integrative neuroscience at University of Magdeburg and obtained her PhD at the Department of Psychology, Free University Berlin. Her previous work addressed the influence of early life stress and intranasal-oxytocin on brain connectivity during resting-state and acute psychosocial stress. Her current research at CANLAB mainly concerns the reconfiguration and recovery of brain connectivity induced by transient negative affect and psychosocial stress.

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