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Phd Thesis In Linguistics

Date of publication: 2017-08-23 10:26

The issues of linguistic usage, intonation and voice training are closely inter-related. This dissertation evaluates the changes in each undertaken by two 'women of our age' - Her Majesty the Queen and Baroness Margaret Thatcher. Using several key linguistic concepts to analyse speeches undertaken by both, the main concepts discussed within this dissertation will be those of modality and functionalism as described, respectively, by Norman Fairclough and Talmy Givon. This dissertation will also, comment upon the use of linguistic parallelism and through so doing will suggest that Thatcher used this linguistic style far more than does Her Majesty.

Research Degrees (MPhil/PhD) in Linguistics at SOAS

The primary focus of a PhD program is independent research. In the course of our PhD program, students will learn to carry out cutting-edge linguistic research, culminating in the completion of a dissertation. To help students in the transition from “consuming” to also “producing” linguistic research, there are a number of structures and requirements in place. 

PhD | Linguistics and English Language | Lancaster University

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Linguistics and English Language PhD thesis collection

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Adjustments to one or more of these sections, including additions or deletions where appropriate, are possible by prior arrangement between the students and lead supervisors.

Students are expected to exhibit some breadth in their knowledge of the languages of the world beyond those most commonly studied (including but not confined to Romance, Germanic, and Slavic languages) and those most similar in structure to the student’s first language. LING 696, Field Methods, fulfills this requirement alternatively, with the permission of the DGS, the student may instead take an appropriate language structure class, or one or more classes characterized as L8 or higher at Yale or the equivalent elsewhere. This requirement must be completed before the prospectus defense, when the student advances to PhD candidacy.

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Lancaster University's unique PhD in Applied Linguistics by Thesis and Coursework is a flexible programme for both distance and on-campus students. Initial coursework provides a strong foundation of knowledge and skills as you develop your capacity to engage with theory, critically evaluate previous studies and carry out independent research.

It should be focused and the statement put thereon should be clear. Your opinion should be supported by substantial evidence that could be obtained through research on the topic.

Starting in year three and continuing until the prospectus is approved, students are expected to enroll in one seminar course for credit each term. Students should use such seminars as opportunities both for exploring new research areas and, especially, for pushing current research interests in novel directions.

The use of metaphor, not only by Barack Obama, but also by aides and spokesmen and in his publicity material, over the course of his two presidential campaigns is examined in this thesis. Obama uses metaphor persuasively to reach differentiated sectors of the American electorate, and such use is both deliberate and consistent. Particular attention is paid to race- or slavery-related metaphor as a means of mobilising the 'black' vote in the Obama campaign. Additionally, the dissertation notes the use of metaphor by journalists in describing Obama's policies and objectives and speculates on the extent to which journalistic support in this form contributed to Obama's success in 7558.

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