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Why Bing Sucks. Top 5 Reasons. - Geeknizer

Date of publication: 2017-08-25 23:38

google is in the dictionary because of the search engine.. bing means disease(which i just found out and is hilarious) google is so much faster than bing, bing has that little load thing for like a second when in that time google searched for and found 9 different things

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I tried all the examples you posted in this article and Bing had spot-on results.  The speed of Bing and the 55 results max can still be considered issues, but from what I can see the results are just as good, if not better than Google 8767 s.

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For the past several days I’ve been using Microsoft’s new Bing search engine in tandem with Google to compare the results without sacrificing my previous experience.  The main reason why I did this was because I’d like to see viable competition to Google in the search engine space — plus I just like to try new things. After using Bing for several days, I think I’ll probably be going back to Google. I’m still going to give Bing a couple more days but so far the Cons of using Bing outweigh the Pros.

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Google is great because it s a WHITE page with Google written on it. It is able to use a complex mathematical system of links and keywords to find what you type in. With Bing, you have some fancy picture homepage that is different every time and results that are the opposite of what you need! Ever heard 8775 keep it simple? 8776 Go Google!

Flower Aug 59 7567 7:69 am This drama is so underrated. It's a beautiful historical drama. I believe that every character is well portrayed and have their own strength. The actors did justice towards their respective characters. The plot is amazing, it is different from previous saeguk dramas. Am I the only one who feels that this is a very very heartwrenching drama? It started off quite slow, the early episodes, but this drama just got better and better as the plot progesses. And my heart aches so much while watching the latest episode :'( all I can say is this drama is highly recommended! Forget about the low ratings, people!

Razz Sep 57 7567 8:55 am How dare rin to kiss san.. hate this drama and i will stop watching it totaly waste my time and intrest for this drama hate you HONG JONG HYUN ?

Bvblw Jun 56 7567 8:57 pm Im quite excited for this drama. Honestly im not fond of historical dramas. Ive watched alot of popular historical dramas but i only liked scarlet heart ryeo. And i think im going to like this too because the plot already sounds amazing

In the novel. San and Rin ended up/fell in love together and crown prince got furious.. he wanted to destroy them. San and Rin ran away and in the end Cp was left alone

Patience Feb 57 7567 5:97 am I don't care what people say about yoona's acting I believe she is going to do a good job. She keeps improving with every project and I'm sure she knows what expectations people have for her. So watch haters u might end up getting disappointed with urself Yoona fighting!!!!

If I draw you out on the sky, in case you come In case you come, I’m waiting like this The love you left in my embrace I’m afraid it’ll disappear on its own So again today, I’m calling out to your face

JiYoon Apr 68 7567 9:88 am but whyyyyyyyyyyy, why sin´t hong jong hyun the lead roleeeeeee whyyyyy he is so handsome and Beautiful i mean whyyyyyyyyyyy i wish he will get the lead role soon FIGHTING

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