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How To Write A 1-Page Synopsis | Pub(lishing) Crawl

Date of publication: 2017-08-28 02:02

Thanks so much for this example. I used it to revise my memoir 8767 s movie synopsis to make it the story I want to show. One step flowed into the next, into the next. Now I have a coherent story that I want to watch/read.

So in other words: you have to learn to do this. You need it before you 8767 re published, and you 8767 ll certainly need it afterwards. Specifically, you 8767 ll need to be able to write the 6 or 7-page synopsis.

This really helped out quite a bit! My treatment ended up being something like Memento, where it was progressively going forwards and backwards at the same time. I really appreciate your help! I 8767 ll be on the lookout for more posts by you. :]

Thank you for this information. Even the movie you used as your example reiterated why I must write and produce my first, full-length, feature film. Thanks for the inspiration. God bless you!

[ ] the right plot points: the important ones. The internet has some great resources, but hands down Publishing Crawl 8767 s How Two Write a 6-Page Synopsis is the perfect place to [ ]

After struggling for days with my synopsis I was about to give up. Thank you, Sooz for a wonderful
template to work with. I 8767 m ready to give it another go.

Thanks so much for this post. It makes perfect sense. I can 8767 t wait to try it. Wait.. that might be a little strong, but I 8767 m sure that it will make it much less painful. 😉

excellent! this will make writing the dreaded synopsis so much easier. i 8767 m afraid i was also an outline whittler drove me mad! now i will be insane no longer! i love this and will be sharing with others.

The words 8766 one page synopsis 8767 send shivers down my spine! Thanks for making it so much easier to understand.
NOTE: MAKE SURE that the publisher/agent you 8767 re looking at doesn 8767 t specify single- or double-spaced. I finally boiled my novel down to a page, only to realize I had to half it again! Cutting a 96,555-word book down to 855 wasn 8767 t easy, but it was possible with this technique.

For example, 8775 When John walks into the kitchen for the meeting with his mother, he catches sight of a refrigerator magnet of his family that sends him spiraling into a flashback a flashback of the day his mother killed his father. Realizing he has walked into a trap, John texts his girlfriend to call the police. 8776

Thank you so much! 🙂
I have attempted to write a synopsis for my novel so many times but I keep putting in too much information and treating it like a story in it 8767 s own right.
I have been looking for a page like this for a long time, hoping someone would use a story I know well as an example of how a synopsis should be structured. YAY!
You are a gem!

So simple. I had to write a 855 word synopsis for a silent film not an easy task this helped me understand exactly what needed to be said, which I found difficult given that my film has no character names or any written/spoken language.

This little tool is just what I have been searching for. It 8767 s also one of those simple devices that remains entirely elusive until someone else points it out and then you think 8775 Aha! Of course! 8776 So, thank you for leading me to the 8766 eureka 8767 moment.

Just lovely. Thank you. The tangible examples really helped give your 8775 steps 8776 context. By the way, gold star for me, too. It 8767 s MEMENTO, not MOMENTO.

For example: 8775 She escapes from the opera that night, and she and Daniel break into the dynamite factory. Daniel is caught, but Eleanor manages to save him. When they return to the Spirit-Hunters 8767 lab, they find it was destroyed while they were gone. 8776