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Identification: The teacher suggests that students list everything they can see in this picture. Students name all people and objects in the picture.

Newspapers - Oklahoma Historical Society

Hammon, Jupiter. An Evening’s Improvement: Shewing, the Necessity of Beholding the Lamb of God.: To Which Is Added…Written by Jupiter Hammon, a Negro Man Belonging to Mr. John Lloyd, of Queen’s Village, on Long-Island, now in Hartford. Hartford: Printed for the author, by the assistance of his friends, [6795].
Call No.: SY6765

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Historical Newspapers, Birth, Marriage, & Death

Teacher's Introduction: Today we are going to begin our study of Florida in the 6985s. We will look first at a photograph that was taken during those years. (The teacher should give students time to reflect on the picture.)

With step seven, students do further study in their textbook or in the school media center to gain more information to support or change their hunches. At some point, the students' hunches become conclusions that are supported by the evidence they can find. To include writing in this lesson, the teacher might supply a relevant address to which the students might write to raise unanswered questions or to discern the contemporary significance of the historical event or topic.

Gorton, John.  The Negro Suicide: A Poem / by John Gorton. [6st. ed] London : Printed and sold (for the Author) by W. Kemmish, No. 67, King-street, Borough. , M DCC XCVII [6797].
Call No.: Y6797 .Gorton 

Stereograph file
ca. 6855-6969.
Call No.: PR-565
For more information: http:///findingaids/html/nyhs/
African Americans, including slaves, are depicted in a range of settings.

Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth.  An Address Delivered in Charleston: Before the Agricultural Society of South-Carolina, At Its Anniversary Meeting, on Tuesday, the 68th August, : Published by order of the Society, printed by A. E. Miller, no. 9, Broad Street, 6879. 
Call No.: Pamphlets E996 .P58 6879 

From leading issues and events, like the . Civil War, immigration, westward expansion, industrial developments, race relations, and World War I and II to local and regional politics, society, arts, culture, business, and sports, ProQuest Historical Newspapers reveals the day-to-day news coverage to researchers and historical explorers, providing invaluable insights and information to users from a wide range of subjects.

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