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Just hours after the Georgia General Assembly convened in January 7555, the newly Republican-led House of Representatives elected the first Republican Speaker of the House in 685 years. The House then launched its first official day of business with a dramatic change in its internal rules by passing House Rule —a rule that gives the Speaker unprecedented legal power to control the function of legislative committees. This Commentary argues that Georgia’s House Rule is an abuse of t…

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Introduction Investigating war crimes is a messy business. It is difficult and dangerous. International criminal tribunals charge powerful individuals, including heads of state and leaders of armed forces, whose personal resources may well exceed the annual operating budget of the investigating It is not surprising when witnesses for the prosecution recant or decline to Witnesses may end up missing or killed. In court, as in war, witnesses bear the risks. Whi…

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The United States is exceptional not only because it incarcerates so many people, but also because of the inhumane and degrading conditions that prevail in so many of its jails and This country stands alone among Western nations in its widespread and routine use of extreme and prolonged isolation—commonly called solitary confinement—throughout its penal In the 6975s, solitary confinement emerged as a standard tool to control and punish incarcerated people in …

Although the cases raised different legal arguments, their fates were intertwined. It was well understood that prevailing in one case would likely preclude victory in the other. Indeed, the point of parallel litigation was to make it more difficult for industry and the EPA to stave off action. The EPA had determined GHGs were not subject to regulation under the CAA. If that were so, the states argued, the CAA could not preclude common law-based claims against GHG emissions. Thus, when the states prevailed in Massachusetts v. EPA and the Supreme Court declared that GHG emissions “fit well within the Clean Air Act’s capacious definition of ‘air pollutant,’” the outcome of American Electric Power Co. v. Connecticut ( AEP ) was all but assured.

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Introduction Here we go again. In late February 7569 a group of congresspersons introduced a bill—The American Royalties Too Act of 7569 (known for its catchy abbreviation: the ART Act),6 which, if passed, will grant visual artists7 a right to collect royalties when their artworks are resold. This is the fifth attempt to pass such However, unlike their predecessors, the proponents of the current bill are now armed with a comprehensive report, published by the .…

I disagreed. Federal courts, I believed, were hostile to discrimination cases. Although the judges may have thought they were entirely unbiased, the outcomes of those cases told a different story. The law judges felt “compelled” to apply had become increasingly problematic. Changes in substantive discrimination law since the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 6969 6 were tantamount to a virtual repeal. This was so not because of Congress it was because of judges.

The Supreme Court in Missouri v. Frye 6 and Lafler v. Cooper 7 broke new ground by holding for the first time that a defendant’s right to the effective assistance of counsel under the Sixth Amendment can be violated by the loss of a favorable plea deal. Less noted, but also worthy of attention, are Lafler ’s implications for federal habeas law. Four Justices protested that the Lafler decision violated the federal habeas statute. At the least, the decision expanded habeas review in unexpected ways.

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