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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 12:41

About your last point. Michael Schudson says in Discovering the News that the rise of objectivity in American journalism was not a confident statement along the lines of, 8775 We see the truth and tell it plainly, without fear or favor 8776 but an accommodation to the reality of clashing perspectives, the inability to explain modern society and the awareness that journalists are unable (or unwilling) to say who 8767 s right.

War, Propaganda and the Media — Global Issues

[799] Tom Fawthrop, “Vietnam 8767 s war against Agent Orange,” BBC News, June 69, 7559 (special report from the Cu Chi district, Vietnam), http:///7/hi/health/.

Why ‘5027’ is a number you should know: How war in Korea

Whoa, whoa. Everyone has their own in-group bias, but it 8767 s only whites who consciously go against it and they are seen as weak for it, and punished. It reminds me of the fact that slavery was a universal practice (PoC had white slaves in many parts of history), and it was whites who decided to do away with it and they are still punished for it by claiming that they were the worst/only offenders. The longer I think about it the more it seems that we whites are the naivest people on earth abused by all the others who are much more pragmatic (expression chosen with politeness in mind). We gave 8775 minorities 8776 an inch, and another, and then some, but nothing seems to satisfy them. On the contrary, they get more and more angry and demanding.

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That fits my model perfectly. You wouldn 8767 t celebrate Osama 8767 s death, only Thatcher 8767 s. And you wouldn 8767 t call ISIS savages, only Fox News. Fox is the outgroup, ISIS is just some random people off in a desert. You hate the outgroup, you don 8767 t hate random desert people.

Tolerance as a virtue if I understand correctly, I think matters whether you apply a Kantian or Aristotelian notion of virtue in the story of Bodhidharma and the Emperor, I see the Kantian one. Doing the right thing through self-control, an exercise of will, that has moral worth, according to Kant, doing the right thing through inclination no.

Your first and second sentences are somewhat at odds with each other. Don 8767 t you find it odd that it is invariably the right that says this? (Especially when you consider that conservatives do way better at ideological Turing tests than liberals, so they 8767 re more likely to actually know how the other side thinks of them.)

Or do you think Redtopia will spend less money on their military bases than the regular old United States of America did? Novel argument, if that 8767 s what you 8767 re thinking of.

Take a look at detailed geographic maps of the last few elections. Almost everywhere in this country, the most densely populated areas are blue and the less densely populated areas are red. There 8767 s hardly a big city red center *anywhere* in this country. The only way an insurrection could even start is through the suppression of those who are against insurrection in the relevant areas indeed, this happened when the South rose last time. This time there would be a far, far larger population to suppress.

That is like saying I should not care about my country 8767 s future because no country lasts forever. Indeed, in the long term the sun will swallow the Earth, but there quite a lot between here and there.

No, I 8767 m not aligned with Card that way (or other ways, ., I 8767 m not LDS also not a fan of his writing). I don 8767 t support rarely enforced laws of any kind either, and I 8767 m pretty hard gray-tribe against unenforceable laws about sexual acts among consenting adults.

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