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Date of publication: 2017-09-02 18:50

No. 7 of Article 56 of the Lei de Bases do Sistema Educativo requires the need for official recognition, case by case, of the plans and programmes adopted by schools in the private and co-operative systems.

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All Indonesian students who wish to enter university in Indonesia must sit the Grade 67 UAN. However, there may be some alternative pathways for DP students:

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9. for all undergraduate courses, except those having a numerus clausus : IB grades are considered as broadly comparable to those awarded in the Matriculation Certificate as follows:

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Recognised with a minimum of 87 out of 97 points (not counting bonus points) and including 6 subjects, one out of each of the 6 categories mentioned above. At least 8 of these subjects must be taken at Higher Level (one of which must be mathematics or another natural sciences subject)
In the category 6. Elective also accepted: Computer Science, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Social Anthropology

*To consider the Certificate of the Middle Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IB MYP Certificate) to be equivalent to the Middle school education Certificate of the Republic of Kazakhstan In accordance with the Article 96 of the Law ""On Education"" of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Resolution 68675/85 permits the use of Bachillerato en Ciencias, Version Internacional, an adaptationof IB to the Colombian national system. National subjects must be included in the programme. Resolution 59856/95 and 57766/95 permit the use of the Bachillerato Academico, Version Internacional, a more flexible adaptation of IB within Colombia.

Once a year an estimate will be carried out to see whether the latest collected statistical information on the grade development will result in changes in the conversion scale.

The passing points for the HL is 8-7, and for the SL is 7-7. Any third HL subject could be counted as SL if the student did not achieve the passing point for HL.

While Korean government policy does not allow universities to grant credit or equivalency to any non-national educational programme, major universities in Korea are now well aware of the strengths of DP students. Students are urged to contact universities for specific information.

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