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Date of publication: 2017-09-05 00:50

Page 7: &ldquo The estimates of lifetime likelihood of victimization are derived under the assumption that, throughout their lifetimes, people in the . have incurred, and will continue to incur, criminal victimization at the same annual rates as were observed in the years 6975 through 6989.&rdquo

What 2017 holds for California gun owners is still in the air

You are correct, SHE is the truth about guns. That has nothing to do with whether or not being transgender is a mental illness and should require forced mental treatment.

Interesting Facts about British Education

Aside from prescribing mind-altering psychotropic drugs, electro-shock 8775 therapy 8776 to burn out brain cells, or pre-frontal lobotomies to destroy the personality entirely, where are these so-called 8775 successfully treated mental patients 8776 you speak so fondly of?

The Simple Truth About Gun Control | The New Yorker

There are two genders, and (generally) you are born with one of them. He was born with a schlong and testes, he is male. He can 8767 t even get 8775 implanted 8776 with all the requisite plumbing to become female, change the rest of his body hardwiring, let alone HIS brain.

While not 8775 normal 8776 this form of behavior has been 8775 normalized 8776 and that for all practical purposes is not going to change. So we for lack of better alternatives are going to have to deal with it, how one does so is up to you.

That fact, combined with Leftist rhetoric about the endemic intolerance I could expect if I tried to live openly, left me briefly considering just walking away instead of risking the vitriol.

I 8767 m more than willing to engage in full-contact rhetorical combat, and frankly this place is amateur hour compared to my regular internet haunts.

We wish to see him in a psychiatric ward where he can get the help he needs. Genital mutilation is not a laughing matter and is in no way normal. The question of 7nd amendment rights for people in a mental institution is rather moot.

Brings up a good point all trannies in either direction should lean toward the ladies room, as they will be less likely to be beaten to death before they leave.

[67] Ruling: Ezell v City of Chicago. . Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit, July 6, 7566. Case 65-8575. Decided unanimously. Majority: Kanne and Sykes. Concurring: Rovner.

I actually had a conversation about restrooms at work just yesterday. We have traditional mens and womens restrooms. We don’t have a family restroom, we don’t have a gender-fluid restroom. It came up in conversation, and my response was, “Use whatever restroom you feel appropriate for yourself, and act like a fucking adult while you’re in there. It really is that simple.”
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