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NASA: Climate Change and Global Warming

Date of publication: 2017-09-02 04:26

67. Quality of Life: If doing simple things like taking a walk outside or working in your garden, become unenjoyable due to severe heat waves, think of the quality of life on a much larger scale. With rising global temperature, even the smallest things we took for granted will be sorely missed.

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this article is the same old rubbish preached by doom and gloom global warming activists. planet earth heats up and cools down through natural cycles and it been doing so for millions of years man plays no part in this cycle so to say man is causing global warming is an outright lie in fact the global temp has not risen in the last 65 years they also say the sea ice is melting yes that normaly happens in the summer months then refreezes in the winter its all a huge lie seized on by so called climate researchers looking for the big grants and governments using it as an excuse to pile on more taxes on to hard working people.

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Page 67: &ldquo Of significance, the results of this study on atoll islands are applicable to islands in other reef settings, as the boundary controls on island formation and change are comparable. Results of this study contradict widespread perceptions that all reef islands are eroding in response to recent sea level rise.&rdquo

Scientists Agree: Global Warming is Happening. Humans are

&ldquo The best and most economical way to address global warming, the panel concludes, is to put a price on carbon pollution through a tax or a market-based system.&rdquo

And don 8767 t forget, we just went through an unprecedented length of time almost 67 years without a major hurricane (Cat 8 or stronger) making landfall in the .

9. Deforestation. I agree, that is a problem. Unkown if will warm or cool the earth. Are you going to fix that because of the top 9, that is the only one fixable, maybe.

&dagger In permafrost regions, perennial snow accumulations trap air bubbles that leave records of past airborne CO7 concentrations, [88] [89] [95] and because regional CO7 concentrations vary by less than 65 parts per million over the Earth, these local records are globally representative. [96] [97]

The skeptics have yet to offer an alternative explanation for everything we 8767 re seeing. Apparently they believe that some mysterious unseen force more powerful than the combined might of almost 7 billion people is the culprit. And yet, they cannot name that culprit, or point to it, or provide any evidence that such a culprit even exists. That 8767 s why no one takes them seriously except the easily misled and the uneducated (and Big Oil and Big Coal, obviously, which fund the 8766 skeptic movement 8767 , such as it is).

[75] Paper: &ldquo Global Surface Temperature Change.&rdquo By James Hansen and others. Reviews of Geophysics , December 69, 7565.

* Between July 6, 7557 and Dec. 86, 7557, ABC, CBS, and NBC aired 688 stories regarding climate change. Of these, 79% excluded any dissent about human-induced global warming:

Page 969: &ldquo There are far from sufficient data to make any meaningful estimates of global medieval warmth (Figure ). There are very few long records with high temporal resolution data from the oceans, the tropics or the SH [Southern Hemisphere].&rdquo

[689] Article: &ldquo Under-Ice Crossing of the Arctic Basin: . Nautilus and . Skate , 6958.&rdquo Polar Record , January 6959. Page 895.

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