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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 23:28

This student has designed his project around the work of the deconstructional  architect Zaha Hadid. He has used metal and hard wood as the main material mediums.

How to Approach Your Technology Coursework - All

Packaging, labelling and instructions are encouraged as part of the complete design proposal and advertising, points of sale can be used to supplement the making experience and help create products which can be evaluated for their commercial viability.

GCSE Design and Technology: Product Design Resource list

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Product Design GCSE – Mr Collins DT

If you live in the Great Britain, than GCSE is what should be bothering you. What is it? The abbreviation stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education, which is basically a number of different exams that will determine your level.

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The aim of this hand book is to guide you through the process of designing and making in a way that will ensure you meet all of the requirements of the exam board.

This is a step by step approach and none of the steps should be missed out.

Success is a product of the effort you put in. The majority of students fail because they:

Miss out sections of the project
Do not meet the required deadlines
Produce poor quality, rushed or incomplete work.
Waste time in class when they should be working
Fail to complete work at home for Homework or during holidays.

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Ah now I completely screwed up my coursework for tech, teacher wasn't there and that was during a bad phase of being stoned in school constantly and being hungover all the time, however I got 98 & 99% in all my exams for technology so i ended up with a C grade.

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I can't do better than direct you to http:/// / the picaxe forum. Explain your problem, with pictures of your board etc and a circuit diagram even if you have to hand draw it and they will help you.

The main issue with not programming is the power supply so double check that.

In the end even if your project doesn't work - BUT is complete you can still get 95% of the marks provided you understand and explain why it isn't working and that you have run out of time. You are making a prototyep on a limited time scale the exam board and your teachers have to be reasonable if you have made a decent effort and mark what you have done.

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The first stage of design of a new product involves studying other products with similar or desirable features, through identification [ identification : The investigation of a product to discover a) the price range, b) the intended user, and c) its function and features. ] , analysis [ analysis : The examination of a problem and breaking it down into parts. ] and evaluation [ evaluation : Making judgements on the effectiveness of the product and its 'fitness for purpose'. ] .

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