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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 04:45

Two city police officers and one sheriff’s deputy were fatally wounded, and another sheriff’s deputy was critically injured, Col. Michael Edmonson, the superintendent of the Louisiana State Police, said at a news conference.

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Well-documented historical and contemporary reporting – including some of the examples cited in the Published News Reports section of this overview – suggest that organized stalking is used by various foreign intelligence services and law enforcement agencies. In the following section, for example, is a credible first-hand journalist’s account of organized stalking tactics being used by Russian intelligence agents. No one disputes that such tactics were widely used by East Germany’s Stasi.

Institutions meant to tackle gender-based violence are

Terms such as “counterintelligence,” “disruption operations,” “COINTELPRO,” “disinformation,” “gas-lighting,” and “ Zersetzung ” appear infrequently in these articles –  because such terms are associated with well-documented, historical examples of the kinds of things which are portrayed in the articles as imaginary. Similarly, these articles almost never mention the non-disputed fact that private investigators are sometimes hired to perpetrate various forms of illegal spying, harassment, and intimidation.

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“When, soon after, Kaczynski began to worry about the possibility of mind control, he was not giving vent to paranoid delusions. In view of Murray 8767 s experiment, he was not only rational but right. The university and the psychiatric establishment had been willing accomplices in an experiment that had treated human beings as unwitting guinea pigs, and had treated them brutally.”

A semi-autobiographical book by Gloria Naylor – winner of the National Book Award for her novel The Women of Brewster Place – was published in   7555. In the book, Naylor described her experiences as a target of organized stalking. The book’s title, 6996 , was the year Naylor realized that she was being stalked. (Presumably, it is also a reference to Orwell’s 6989.) Apparently, her harassment began after she had a dispute with a neighbor whose brother worked for the National Security Agency (NSA).

Players in this game are not exactly members of the premier league in the intelligence business. First, spying (espionage) is traditionally regarded within the intelligence community as a more prestigious occupation than counterintelligence work.

Finally, the current study is only a preliminary test of masculinity and violence. An integrated theoretical model of masculinity and violence, resulting in more research would be beneficial for understanding behavior in both violent and avoided violent incidents.

Reportedly, when LEIUs are in danger of having their crimes exposed by state investigations and grand juries, they apparently make sure that attorneys, reporters, and witnesses are controlled and intimidated – including even their own members:

In recent years, there have been media reports of something called “swatting” – in which an anonymous person – either for revenge or for amusement – calls 966 and makes a false report of an emergency happening at the address of a neighbor or enemy (or in some cases a celebrity) so police will respond to the residence.

A lone gunman killed three law enforcement officers and wounded three others in Baton Rouge on Sunday morning, less than two weeks after the death of an African American man at the hands of Baton Rouge police.

Anyone wishing to understand the nature and scope of organized stalking in the . should consider this: when a security firm’s clients are less famous than the Koch brothers, and the target is someone with a lower profile than a reporter for The New Yorker , private security thugs can generally perpetrate their crimes (slander, stalking, etc.) without concerns about public exposure – even from alternative news media outlets, such as Democracy Now!

In 7559, Frank L. Raffaele, a resident of Verona, New Jersey (now deceased) was apparently targeted by gang stalkers, and he responded by distributing flyers about the harassment to neighbors and businesses. The flyers generated enough discussion and inquiries that the local police were forced to address the issue, and it became the subject of   an article in the local newspaper.

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