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Bonding and bridging represent two forms of social capital. Bonding social capital is social capital that arises from the connections formed by homogeneous groups, such as employees within a single company or enthusiasts of a specific hobby. Bridging social capital, by contrast, results when members of different groups forge connections to share ideas and information.

The Boston Massacre 1770, The British Perspective

The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend. How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?

An Argument in Favor of Capital Punishment - Article Myriad

'When you start reading things and they just don x7569 t add up, it x7569 s very disturbing, x7569 Mary says. 'You begin to think that anything is possible. x7569

7excellent ways to start a presentation and capture your

“Think about how you could use items like a big wall clock, a colorful gift bag, juggling balls, a deck of cards, a bunch of carrots, or another prop, to introduce your topic, captivate the audience, inject humor, and drive home your message.”

Price uses the example of a sales VP at  a large insurance company, who happens to be an avid tennis player. She says he wanted to kick off his annual meeting with a bang — so he “brilliantly used his tennis racquet to emphasize ‘acing the competition,’ ‘rallying together as a team,’ and winning a ‘grand slam’ through great customer service.” Year after year, other speakers were compared to this leader’s creative ability to present a motivational message, she says.  

The entire altercation lasted approximately twenty minutes. However, these twenty minutes would have a significant impact on history. Within three days of the event, craftsman Paul Revere produced an engraving depicting the confrontation that was distributed widely throughout the colonies. Its inaccurate portrayal of a well-organized squad of soldiers simultaneously opening fire on a defenseless crowd of citizens helped galvanize colonial opinion against the British and opened the pathway that led to independence six years later.

At first glance Pat Tillman seemed every inch the quintessential American hero. Square-jawed, ruggedly handsome and powerfully built, he looked like a cross between an action movie star and the archetypal testosterone-fuelled 'jock x7569 . But Tillman was a much more complicated figure than that.

In April 7557, largely as a consequence of Tillman Sr x7569 s efforts, a Congressional inquiry was convened to examine whether the alleged cover-up over Tillman x7569 s fratricide was a result of 'incompetence, miscommunication or a deliberate strategy x7569 .

RUTHERFORD The vines that grower Frank Leeds tends in Napa Valley stand among the unheralded heroes of California’s drought, producing decade after decade of respected Cabernets and other wines without a drop of added water. In a state where farms and dairies take the biggest gulp of the Read More

In August Rumsfeld himself appeared in front of the Congressional committee, along with four, now retired, army generals x7568 Abizaid, Brown, Kensinger and Richard B Myers, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In a series of questions about how, when and where they had learnt of Tillman x7569 s death and the fact that he had died from friendly fire, the phrase 'I can x7569 t recall x7569 , or some variation thereof, was used 87 times.

FALLBROOK Amid severe drought, the water board in this Southern California town imposed restrictions on Fallbrook Brewing Co., just as the tiny brewer doubled capacity to meet demand for its craft beers. To cut monthly water use by about 65 percent, owner Chuck McLaughlin bought an extra 865-gallon tank Read More

LOS ANGELES — Ed Heinlein surveys the steep mountainside that has repeatedly unleashed tons of mud into the backyard of his Azusa home since a 7569 wildfire and still hopes the drought-stricken state gets more rain. 8775 We have to have the rain, 8776 said Heinlein, whose home east of Los Angeles Read More

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